Barnard Associates Ltd

Removing Time & Cost from Design Engineering and Product/System Development & Introduction

Barnard Associates Ltd (BAL) assists companies to increase their competitiveness and profitability by enhancing the excellence of their design engineering, products and systems.

Primary Specialisations Include:

1. Auditing Companies' processes, tools and achievements in Design Engineering and New/Variant Product Development & Introduction (NPDI)

2. Benchmarking against Critical Success Factors and our database of world best practice

3. Accelerating Design Engineering & NPDI - through proven, Lean processes and tools, tailored to clients' needs

4. Reducing Manufacturing & Assembly Costs - through Lean Design Solutions: rationalising and simplifying new and existing products.

5. Establishing Competitive Product Strategies - Analysing Customer Needs - Identifying profitable technologies and innovations

6. Facilitating and Leading R&D Projects - Delivering Profitable Products to Market

The best practices of leading companies from around the world are closely monitored and critically analysed.

"Hands-on" implementation of tailored solutions are provided. Expertise is drawn from a variety of industry sectors.


Barnard Associates Limited

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